So I really need advice here please read details?

I'll shorten this up. I live with my brother, his baby mama who happens to be my best friend and their kids. Initially me and her took my brother in so we became roommates. I lost my job 3 months ago and have been on unemployment which is not ideal. It's nice just to go to school but still losing a job still sucks. So I've been helping here and there with the kitchen, the kids and with all of the bills. My brother blew up at me because I kept telling him to stop his bullying with me (he abuses me verbally) so I've been staying at my boyfriends house for the past week. My best friend (baby mama) took my brothers side even though he has been abusive to her too. My car has been out of commission for 2 1/2 weeks so I need to take it to a shop. My problem is: when the shop finds the problem... I need to pay them to fix it since it's an electrical problem. My rent is due and I am on a fixed income. I don't know what to do. I need my car but I don't know if I should pay the rent if I'm not even there? They got a house and we're planning on being there in September so i just figured to not pay it since they are moving out. Should I fix my only transportation or pay the rent? I need my car especially when I get another job. I already have an interview this coming Tuesday.

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  • Fuck him he sounds like a dick look after number one cause nobody else will


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  • This is a tricky situation. You are friends with the baby mama, but the thing is, they have a kid together. That is a much stronger bond than friends unfortunately it seems.

    You're brother is not right to bully you (I don't blame you for not wanting to pay the rent with how you have been treated). But it was your choice to leave unfortunately, as much as he has made the decision easy for you!

    I think as a rent payer, you need to sit them both down and lay down some rules. It's not fair or reasonable to live in a place where you are being verbally abused.

    I think the problem here is that if you are to skip on rent, it's only going to make them feel justified in mistreating you at that place. So are you planning on living with them after this move (are they moving to this new place with you in September?). I'm kind of confused reading this.

    I think even if you are not planning on living with them, because they are now a family, you are now going to have to deal with the outcome of this for some time. What about at Christmas's or family events? You will see them. It will cause beef. Is not paying the rent really worth all of that?

    I totally get the needing to have a car. But is there any other way to get around? Public transit, bike, walking or a friend could give you a ride?

    Perhaps talking to them about your situation, maybe they would be willing to wait for the rent money. At least so that you could get the car fixed and get that new job. That is really what you need. Since you are already contributing, hopefully they are going to be cool with that. Or in exchange for rent, offer to help out more around the house.

    Maybe agree to watch the kids so they can have a date night or something. That might be a solution instead of having to pay rent, do that in exchange.

    I feel for you in this situation. It's not an easy one. But hopefully this helps!

    • I was planning on living with my boyfriend by the time they move out. We don't have much of public transportation here in my town. My boyfriend gives me rides but I need my own vehicle. My boyfriends house is 20 minutes from town so it's far from school and far from that new job.

  • Say your payment will be delayed until you find a job (given that you are staying at your boyfriend's), get your car fixed, ace the interview, get the job and pay them back the rent owed.