Have you come across someone who?

Always subtly bragged about themselves and behaved nice with you only when they needed something from you? Basically a self absorbed person.
How did you deal with them?
I am dealing with someone like that. It's tough :/


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  • In school, in college, at work etc etc
    It's common in everyday life.
    One needs to be a bit ambitious and selfish in order to reach a high plank in life and once you are there , be humble and empathetic with the ones struggling down below.


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  • OMG. I remember years ago meeting a guy who was so full of himself, it was actually so unbelievable and boring, that I excuse myself to the ladies and made a very hasty exit.


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  • Just say no to whatever they ask for , and if they ask why , tell them cause you feel like it.

    If you keep doing this , in the end they would leave you alone.

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