Creative people- help give me an idea?

I have cats and really hate the poop tray. I wanted to get something like this:
Creative people- help give me an idea?

But they're all so expensive. I am not spending like 250 for cat furniture or for something they're just shitting in lol. Anyway, what cheaper ideas do you have to hide it? It can't be ugly though, and I also hate those traditional older plastic box cat toilet thingys.


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  • i dont know, my cats shit outside.

    • I've got 2, one is fine going out, the other is a pussy, he won't go out, and the one time he did go out he ran away from a bird. So yea... not happening. Needs to shit inside.

    • i suppose if you have some furniture similar to that in the picture you can cut out a part of it so it would function like the one in the picture.

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