Are there any ways to avoid heat exhaustion when your job literally requires you to be in the sun for a long period of time?

We have to work in like 100F weather, the humidity is insane also. We fill up a huge water cooler, with ice, water and wash clothes, we take the wash cloths and put them on our necks etc. but nothing works. We literally have to spend hours walking around in the middle of the sun, during the hottest part of the day, so there's no way to get out of the sun. And get heat exhaustion every single day that we work.

My sister gets to the point that her eyes are blood shot and she can't even think straight. My body gets really hot and just never cools down, no amount of cool showers, air conditioning or fans will make it cool down again lol.

Anyone else work in really hot weather or have anymore ideas on how to help reduce heat exhaustion?

Also i'm very much used to the weather and being outside during it. My dad is also, he's been doing it for around 30 years now and he said he never gets used to it.


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  • Being in a near same situation (I literally live in a desert. Avg. daily temps for us are 110-115),

    You just have to keep HYDRATING. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE.

    Heat exhaustion, cramps, and stroke is caused via not enough water in the body.

    Your body also has to be able to keep the water your putting into it without becoming malnourished and flushing all your minerals/nutrients out of your body.

    With each of your 3 meals drink a drink with salt in it that also regenerates your lost electrolytes, Gatorade and Powerade are GREAT for this.

    The only thing you can do is drink drink drink, always keep a source on you, and even if your not thirsty drink drink drink.

    Make sure to eat/drink some salt too during meals. (if not a gatorade/powerade/sports drink every now and then during the day).

    • Yeah, I literally drink a gallon of water a day at least lol. And when i'm working we keep water bottles and drink so much the entire time but it still doesn't seem to help, not sure what else to try really. I force my sister to drink more because she refuses which is probably why she gets heat exhaustion even worse.

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    • It'll help you retain water

      Best wishes!

    • Oh nice, thanks again :)

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  • Why do you have to work outside? Berry picking?

    • lol I wish but then I would end up eating them all.

      We work on a survey crew as helpers during the busy seasons.

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  • What the hell are u doing working outside? I hope tou don't live in AZ that's horrible i stay in CV im Cali and it gets hot here no way people should be outside working lol

    • lol well the money is good and the work is actually fun to me but that heat takes such a toll on your body. We work as helpers on a survey crew randomly when they have a lot of work. You're walking around carrying this equipment that is taller than you are, setting points, driving hubs etc. It's weird because i've always been a cocktail waitress so for me it's something different to do during the busy seasons.

      How hot does it get where you live?

    • 109 - 112 lol crazy heat and i know AZ gets up to 120 over there and Central Valley heat is a lot like PhX's heat haha so that's unbearable but if u enjoy it and the money then thats good but no way would u catch me outside here working haha id die

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