Which personality is better for a guy?

  • Responsible, serious, always leads anything, try to dominate based on his opinion, always tries to show his positive side, confident, retreats if something bad happened
  • Dont care attitude (by not hurting anyone), funny, cheers others regarding any situation, has own opinion but confused, doesn't hesitate to show negative side, shy, keeps calm and laughs it out if something bad happend
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I picked B, because the kind of "confidence" described in option A is fake as fuck, and I HATE posers.

    If someone always "retreats" at the slightest sign of adversity... hahah what kind of "confidence" is that?

    Fake confidence. Fake "dominance". I'd destroy someone like that in fifteen words or fifteen seconds. Whichever comes first.

    • So basically say you are educated person. But another person rebuked you as illiterate, stupid guy etc without any cause.
      Guy1 will start arguing and will prove that he's educated.
      Guy2 doesn't care, because to him it's waste of time. So he'll just lay back and smile at that person.

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    • Try-hard very much isn't sexy!

Most Helpful Guy

  • B is definitely better.

    First of all, B is "funny", and humor is a trait that EVERYONE appreciates!

    Also, showing one's negative side at times comes off more genuine than ALWAYS being positive, and puts more people at ease. Most people, especially girls and women, don't like the man having the "moral high ground" over them.

    It is a classically feminine trait for the woman to be more "pure" and "less character flawed" than the man. This is the reason why u see "bad boys" date all types of women, but u RARELY see the "bad girl" date a (perceived) morally flawless guy.


    I'm a personal testament to this. When I was a teen I could tell that some people were uncomfortable around me, because I always put up a respectful, positive, and genuinely good image that all my elders would approve of...
    ... and although my peers wouldn't say this to my face, I can tell or heard through gossip that these people thought I was fake or a suck-up.

    Once I got a bit more edgy near the end of high school and in college, I noticed more and more people, guys and girls alike, seemed more comfortable around me.

    Who would have thought that the swearing, alcohol-lushing, cigar-smoking, ecstasy-popping, socially reckless, overall flirtatious version of me would be MORE receptive to people... than the reserved, calm, model-student, boy-scout version of me?

    I go to show, through personal experience, that people feel uncomfortable around people who come off as too "perfect" or not showing character flaws; whether that reason be due to perceived phoniness or due to not liking being at such a low level of moral high ground in comparison.

    • I believe the image you displayed its not a comparison between a high self esteemed guy vs self criticized guy. Its all about a modest (past of you) vs a arrogant guy (current you). The reason you are quite successful right now: your behaviors mostly biased towards extrovert. At least thats what I perceived from your explanation.

    • Where I live in the United States, as a guy, being extroverted is WAY better over-all.

      Better career life, social life and dating life.

What Girls Said 3

  • Agh, that's difficult. I like aspects of both. However, I'll go with Option B because he needs to have a sense of humor.

  • A describes my ex.

    A is a pussy and a misogynist too probably.

    He's weak so he asserts himself over vulnerable women but when bested, retreats with his tail between his legs, to recoup, & then attack her again.


  • I voted for B

    • Reason? I believe the comparison I want to make is: macho guy vs cool guy.

    • There were 2 facts that i consider as a turn off:
      •He always leads anything,
      •He tries to dominate based on his opinion

What Guys Said 1

  • The "I don't care" attitude only works if he is able to pull his finger out his backside when something needs to be done.

    I'm laid back and dislike people that stress over everything so I'd pick that but without a mix of both you won't get far.

    • I dont care attitude = "Past is past", I dont think about it too much = others are quarreling, I stand aside and in the end see who wins.

    • Sometimes you simply can't do that. Sometimes you need to be the guy to do something.

      If you're talking about a "don't sweat the small stuff" kind of guy - that's the better attitude in my opinion.