Where can I buy pepper spray for my girlfriend in Boston?


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  • Ship one of these to her: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_1

    My dad bought me one in my first year of college, and I've had one ever since. I like it because it's really effective, not easy to release on accident, and you can attach it to your keys if you want.

    • Are u in Boston because some people said they are not sure if I can order from amazon pepper spray while in MA

    • Amazon ships domestically and even some items internationally, so shipping a package anywhere within the US shouldn't be a problem. I think you just need to specify the address. Try it and see.

    • Its not allowed to deliver to MA

  • A grocery store.

    • Which store I tried stop and shop and it wasn't there.

  • LMAO!!!
    I am dying laughing because I need one too.

    • I never thought its important but living here can be tough

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    • Lol its a shame actually that women to live in fear

    • It kinda is and sad

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  • So you can spray her in the face when she tries to rape you?

    • Well u seem desprate who doesn't have a girlfriend

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