How many of you do this?

So I just read some person here said he compares girls vijay jays!!😯!!!

Its funny and weird!!! 😂😂!!

But truly how many of you guys actually do this? 👀

just curious!! 😁😁😁?

  • I've never done that and most likely won't
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  • I always do that 👀
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  • I don't do that, but now after reading this I will probably start doing it lol
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  • I'm a virgin but when I start having sex I will do that.
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  • I'm a virgin but I won't do that when I start having sex.
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  • It's not like we compare, but there are pretty vaginas, and ugly ones.
    If you're with an ugly pussy, you may think "it's not as pretty as (name)", and vice versa, if you're with a pretty vagina, you'll be glad it doesn't look as (name2).
    Obviously you won't remember every vagina you've encountered unless you've had a small number, but at least for me, I tend to remember the extremes (most prett and most ugly).

    P. S.: girls, there are ugly vaginas, don't get all butthurt... just bracing myself for the downvotes, they always come when I say this xD.

    • Every vagina is beautiful ale, dammit 😢

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    • It's fine I'll appreciate my beautiful vagina enough for the both of us 😭

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • That seems weird. It's literally just a hole between two flabs of skin