In the book I'm writing, assassin trainees get sorted into groups. There are 4 groups. Is this stealing too much from Harry Potter?

I guess it's gonna depend on what the groups are so:

Ra- Emphasizes strong leadership skills.
Amun- Emphasizes quick thinking and a strategic mind.
Mut- Emphasizes a nurturing and supportive heart.
Thoth- Emphasizes a hunger for and the preservation of knowledge.

The idea is that, even after the trainees graduate, they will still identify with the group they were sorted into so it eventually becomes something like a political party for them. Am I ripping too much off of Harry Potter?

  • Yes, you're ripping off the four houses.
  • No. Plenty of books do this same thing.
  • I don't know/results
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  • Lots of books do similar things but I do think that it's very obvious where your inspiration came from, seeing as the four house traits match up pretty much exactly with the Hogwarts house traits...

    • I was starting to think the same thing. Do you think I should go back to the drawing board?

    • Well, not necessarily to the drawing board. The idea of having categories dependent on some of your characteristics is a popular one, especially in YA lit such as The Hunger Games (districts based on your job), the Divergent series (personality traits) and obviously Harry Potter, just off the top of my head, so it's a plot device that has worked very effectively and not one that you need to ignore. Perhaps try changing the house characteristics even a little (maybe look at J. K Rowling's new wizarding houses for Ilvermorny which are slightly different to the Hogwarts ones) or by looking at other things that are commonly divided by traits - e. g. the elements. You could look at characteristics associated with each element for inspiration (avoiding bravery, loyalty, wit and cunning so as to stay away from the HP world) and use those characteristics instead, e. g. one house being praised for adaptability (like water) and another for intuition (like fire), something like that.

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  • Nah there are a ton of stories like this. Like the Divergent series is also 4 factions. Sounds like a good idea! Good luck with the story :)


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  • Sounds more like Hunger games to me

  • I don't know. Never read Harry Potter. It's for fags.