A Social Tic? ?

Ever since I was little, I'd act falsely cute and sweet to get my way. (I. E. - Making my voice an octave higher, speaking softer, a shier, softer tone and a more positive outlook on things, keeping my head down, apologizing profusely.) Though, I eventually grew out of it. Recently, I've been getting over depression and the isolation gave me some kind of anxiety when talking to people I don't know well. This cute and sweet facade has returned, but not of my own will. When interacting with school mates, waiters, and so on it happens naturally, and often confuses the people I'm with. I can keep it up for a year at a time that I know of, last school year being the longest time I have. Though, as soon as I got out of school, I'd be fine and back to normal, likewise as soon as a waiter would walk away. Is this some kind of tic, or instilled defense? What's the quickest way to get rid of it?


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  • Maybe you could confide in someone close to you about this and have them throw random tests at you every now and then. This may sound weird, but having people say "no" to you may reinforce that using that behavior will not always work. I'm not sure how else I could help you.

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