Whats your definition of a Nerdy Girl , / Nerdy Guy? If She / He listens to Electronic - House music - Trance - HardStyle - do you call em a nerd?

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Be specific

I listen to TechnoBase. fm ( Techno ) an told I am a nerd!


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  • A nerd if you listen to techno?

    Never heard of that hun. But I believe a nerd is one who loves to learn or does very intellectual things.

    • LOL WTF hun? isn't your S O gonna find out you posted that LOLZ

      Yes I am told i am a nerd for listening to Technobase. fm

      I don't like the main stream music it's all gone to sh*t

    • I call everyone hun and sweetie. Thats how I am.

      by the way how do you know I am seeing someone?

      But I completely agree with you with mainstream songs. They're terrible. But I listen too metal rock or classic rock. Both good

    • "How do you know I am seeing someone " Uh... a good guess

  • Gamer


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