I get called too skinny at work by women?

first it was from some girl i knew and she was pretty thin herself and another was from this Philippines woman who was pretty hot :( makes me feel bad about my body and i dont feel like that either


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  • That's kind of rude of your coworkers. Honestly, don't even feel bad, because these women don't seem to have manners. They're literally doing the same thing as going up to a heavy woman and just commenting on how fat she is, like what the fuck?

    • im not like super musculature or anything but im not a stick like my friend Trevor who looks like a skeleton

    • My SO could model male heroin chic, most likely "skinnier" than you, probably like your friend Trevor. You don't need to be "buff".

    • what do you mean?

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  • Option 1.
    Take note of when and who calls you "too skinny". Tell them to stop. record what you said.
    Report to HR with "they are harassing me about my weight."

    Option 2.
    Ask them if they would like to be comfortable being called fat.
    Get reported to HR for "he hurt my feelings"

    • option 3
      Ignore them completely. Don't even glance over when they talk to you about being skinny. Talk to others like they don't exist.
      >Get reported to HR for "He is causing drama in the work place by ignoring us"

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    • Bark bark, I'm a dog.

      Go with option 1 then 2.

    • my freind trevor looks exactly the same i mean he looks thinner then i am and a lot weaker

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  • Just like men, some women like guys with more meat on their bones. If it bothers you, you can put on more weight or more muscle or go fuck a girl that likes you just the way you are.

  • Bro, do you even lift?


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