Why do people get annoyed when someone complains online?

I am just wondering why can't some people not complain on the internet without some group of people or a person freaking out on them. I get it if its about complain about gay people or something stupid like that but what about when its a good reason to complain? Like for example people saying how rich people should not get funds or financial aid from the government if they can afford to pay for their children. Then you will see people starting argument over that. Even thou 1. if you can afford then pay for your damn kids. 2. your are taking money from students who need it more and 3. just because your tax money goes to this, so does mine so why the fuck should I pay for people who can easily pay for it? then a person who can't afford to so they can have a better life? Yes I know complaining doesn't solve anything but it helps burn off stream so what's wrong just complaining about things that matter then dumb shit? Why do people get offend or feel to the need to be a jerk for no reason when no one was talking to them. Or even being rude to them and then they feel the need to call someone a asshole, ass etc swearing at them just for complaining about it.


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  • because people are always looking for a reason to argue.

    • So true and people on here are easily butt hurt and have no sense of humor

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    • Exactly if its more than a physical relationship someone isn't gonna be like, oh your dick is an inch smaller than I wanted i'm leaving you. Or you vagina is a little loose now bye lol. I don't argue or belittle anyone but if they start it and I have the energy I'll let em have it lol. Just finished watching "Criminal Activiities" what a sick movie one of the best I seen in months!

    • @Nomad69 lolll right like some people on this website need to keep boosting their egos its so annoying,

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  • It's more like the internet doesn't want to hear about your minuscule problems. Get a therapist to vent to, or a friend, or a family member. The internet does not care.

    • Interesting thought, but couldn't I say the same thing about dumb shit online? like I don't want to see half naked pictures of attention whores and people are fine with that. I could care less for that or dumb youtube videos too. So if these these are allow online then why can't people who want to complain can't be on here? if everything is allow on here? (not starting a argument) just pointing that out too.

    • It's all allowed, but you can't get mad about the reactions you get when you put something up. It's all about content too, and humans are mainly selfish-- how entertaining is this video or post to me? How controversial or interesting is this read? So usually, people complaining about problems is seen as an annoyance or fishing for their own attention.

    • You have a point there XD

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