Are my parents ashamed of me?

To make it short and sweet, this year has been extremely shitty. I was assaulted really bad in February (still can't feel my cheek, it's still numb), which made my mom worry about me. I was then threatened and was spit on by a group of thugs in a car about 1 month ago, and now today I was assaulted AGAIN. I live in Chicago so crime is rampant, but I've never been assaulted until this year, and it's been twice in a span of 6 months.

I never instigated any of the situations, I'm just an easy target. Now that I was assaulted again today, I just feel like my parents, especially my mom, is just disappointed in me. I tried explaining to her over and over they are random attacks and she believes me, but something feels wrong.

This honestly sucks. I don't ask for this shit to happen, but it just keeps happening and I pray that it stops for the sake of my mom.

Do you think they're ashamed or disappointed? Would you be?


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  • I think their just worried about you, I don't think or see why they would be ashamed or disappointed in you when done nothing wrong. I'm sorry that this has happened to you, hope your okay 🙂


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  • I think your mom could think 2 things:

    She is worried about you and your well being. She's stressing over you if you die while you get assaulted.

    She might think you're into selling drugs or fronted some sort of drug and you owe these people money.

    • That's what I'm afraid of. Not sure how to prove it to her that I'm not. Just been extremely unlucky lately.

    • Well if you don't smoke weed or do any drugs do a drug test. But at the same time I don't know if your mother confronted you about drug selling being the cause of the random attacks.

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  • I don't think they're ashamed. I think they're just very worried. I'm a complete stranger and even I'm worried! Lol.

    Why don't you move to somewhere that's safer? That'll be good for both you and your parents.


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  • Why do you keep getting assaulted? Was it sexual assault?

    • No, they were batteries. First guy took my bike and this one was for whatever reason. I wish I knew why.

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    • I plan on going to the gym this semester, planned on it ever since the first attack. This makes me want to go even more now.

    • The gym won't help you all that much. Self defense is more about technique than strength