Neighbors gossip and thinks I'm weird?

How do I move on? I am moving to NYC in about 2 weeks. To start a new life and never look back!

But how does one move on when everyone thinks you weird? including your family?

But I'm not crazy or weird. I feel like the whole neighborhood is watching me and laughing at me, because i get in my car and leave throughout the day. I was caught sitting in the parking lot at Walmart, and my neighbor gave me the side eye. I don't sit in a parking lot for hours cause I'm weird, I just do it to avoid being around my negative, degrading, abusive and stressful family. I get off work, grab some snacks, read a book, or browse the net until its late and then I go home to sleep. And on the weekends I am in and out the house all day. And I feel my neighbor is watching and gossiping.

My family already thinks I'm weird. How do I move on and not have this feeling when I move awaY?


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  • Normal people are fucking boring. If you're weird embrace that shit!


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  • Begin a New Beguine, @LoganLohan2, of Not Caring who is Staring or Who is Talking about you. I Lived in NYC for a time, on and off, and in The Big Apple and All of the Surrounding areas, Anything Goes, so no Weird Worries.
    Perhaps your own Dysfunctional family has problems and brought all of their Drama your way, and just Needed a Scapegoat to Gloat. As far as your Neighbors, the Nosy ones, Consider the Source. Nothing better to do.
    Everyone has a fetish, Everyone is Unique, and as long as you are the only One, hun, Putting bread on your Table, go about your Business, and Never mind the Rest of the World. With Things Today going to Hell in a Hand Basket, Consider THAT as well. This is a Melting Pot that's Hot.
    Good luck and my blessings, you will Fit right in. xx