Do you ever give one-word replies in conversations?

I try my best not to, considering it sort of stops the conversation dead in its tracks


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  • I probably have before.

    Recently? Don't think so. Do my best to avoid it.

    It gives the impression I'm not interested when I am. If I wasn't, I'd tell them. lol, a few GaG users have heard that from me.

    When people give ME one worded replies (and it's the only text), convo ends.

    • Exactly saym here. Really then after that I wait till they reply again WITHOUT the one word answer, the standoff can last for days

    • lmao.

      Have you had them come back and go "Hey, you didn't respond" or something along those lines?

      I have and it's funny.. because what do they expect you to say?

    • Nah they just go: "Hey, how u been?" and I'm like seething cuz legit did u just miss the 6 days that passed without me speaking to you? Maybe? Maybe not? I wish they would do that with me lmao

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