HELP!!! 🙈ADVICE! - Muslims or anyone who thinks they can help 😧?

Hey OK so basically I called the Muslims specifically because I'm religiously conflicted
Brace yourselves
The thing is I know I have to wait till I'm married but now I don't want to
I'm not sure if I even I want to get married
There are moments when I just feel like I want to lose the V card
I don't even go out on dates cause I know eventually it's going to lead there
And don't get me wrong; this is completely my choice, I honestly can't control what my body wants
So I just need advice to idk!! But like set me on the right path or something
Thanks 😤😥😖😫😌😋✌


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  • have some faith in Allah. you can try masturbating more than once a month it will calm your hormones down. but dont do that believe me its not worth it. remember that Allah loves you a lot, Allah is just testing you right now.

    • Thanks
      I feel like that's what's happening
      I just feel so weak series
      And I'm surrounded by people who make me weaker
      Such is my situation
      But you're right
      I'll just pull my socks up and get through it

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    • I will
      Thank you so much again
      May Allah help and guide us all, amin.
      You're truly God sent 😄

    • No prob

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  • The reason they say wait til marriage is just to help protect you from things like sti's or a guy getting you pregnant and abandoning you etc...
    Extremely controversial amongst Muslims, but there is also this temporary marriage. I think it's more accepted in some sects than others. It's just temporary and can last any period of time and some people do it as a way around sex before real marriage.
    Honestly though, it is a sin in Islam, but at the same time Allah knows you're human with human desires and you WILL sometimes sin, all people do, it's just down to which sins you'll commit and how you are as a person, intentions etc..
    Anyway, lots of Muslims do wait til marriage, but lots of Muslims don't wait til marriage too. I think more guys don't wait than girls though.
    So, either two things- try to put it off and focus on your religion to take your mind off it, or just do it.
    You know, you can probably also speak to somebody at your mosque about this for better advice. Let them only point you to what's written down, and not their opinion though.
    Just be careful that you don't regret any decision you make- that either you later regret waiting and wish you'd just done it, or you regret losing it and feel bad or whatever.

    • U know the one thing I know I will regret is if God becomes angry with me
      I'm not sure it's worth it
      And I live somewhere I can't confide in anyone
      Cause there are no religious people and everyone is just like lose it

    • You don't have a mosque near you or anything? If you know you'll regret it though, for any reason, it's best not to do it. You don't want to feel horrible for long after, you want to feel good.

    • Nah no mosque
      And I think I will wait
      Just gets hard sometimes
      But it's best
      Thanks so much

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  • You are old enough to be the master of your own destiny. It's time the human race put a stop to allowing other peoples' beliefs to affect our own lives.

    You will occasionally make a mistake. Most times you will get it right. Be careful with that v-card, though. You have only one, so don't give it away on a whim to the first good-looking guy that comes along. Chances are, he won't hang around for long.

  • Do you think Muslims or who ever don't do sex before marriage don't have desires
    I have an extra high sex drive I literally can do nothing all day all week but sex
    Before marriage when I was like 21 or something my mind felt offended by my body as if it saying to my body "you're not gonna control us you piece of shit that's not your job here"
    Very aggressive reaction from my mind

    And believe me it made me superior over girls when they try to make me drool to get their stuff done

    One other thing that helped me not to have sex before marriage:
    I love sex too much , and the more partners I would have the more feelings would split from sex and I wanted sex to still be a way of expressing love
    I didn't want to be expiernced in sex , I didn't wanna be skilled but I wanted to be lover not driven by skills and experience but by desire lust and love

    With my own woman sex still has its glow as if I'm not used to it till now , seems my strategy worked after all


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  • I'm not religious but I think you should do what you want. Its your life. Also I have a few Muslim friends- some are open minded and so are their parents but one or two are super strict about following the principles of Islam. I guess it really just comes down to how open minded you are. Also try and picture how your parents would react. Its still your life but your parents' opinions might play a role.

    • Thanks
      But for parents
      I know they won't be okay with it
      Too strict
      But I feel like it's my choice

    • Yeah it's your choice.