Car accident, injury claim?

So I was in a car accident 8 months ago where another car hit me and pushed me into a third car. Without going into details, the accident was said to have been my fault.

anyways, third car is filing an insurance claim stating that they were injured in the accident. Does anyone know what that means for me? Is it covered by my insurance or will I need to pay additional for this? Has anyone been in this situation before?


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  • What reason did they give for finding you at fault when you claim you were hit first? I was in a very similar collision in 2004 and the Jeep driver who hit the Chevrolet that was pushed into me and totaled was responsible for all damages. I know you said "without going into details" but those details really do matter. Also, is your state a no-fault state for damages and/or personal injury?

    • I was making a turn as the light turned red and the car going straight sped up to make the light instead of stopping. His car hit mine and pushed me into another car.

      The third car that is filing this claim wasn't hit that badly. His car was just scratched, he was able to drive away.

      I do live in a no fault state.

      My insurance called me to tell me about this and that they are handling the claim. But I was just curious what it all could mean for me.

    • Ah, I see now. Yes, you were likely at fault. Your insurance company will pay their claim up to the coverage limits of your policy, including any legal defense. Most insurers are rabid about defending against a claim, so they won't pay out anything unless they feel the claimant could prove it to a jury. But since you are in a no-fault state, his medical expenses should have been covered my his policy. The only thing it may mean for you, assuming the claim settles for less than your coverage limits, is possible higher premiums for a while. Speak with your agent about the possible consequences with them.

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  • should be covered by your insurance (if you have a full liability plan) but know that unless you have a great policy you will pay for it in the future with higher premiums

    it will depend entirely on your insurance plan so i would just look at your plan to see if you have full, partial, or some other Tort policy

  • Girls ask guys. com is gears towards questions about social interactions and getting perspectives.

    If i had a car problem, i'd ask my mechanic...

    Call your insurance company and ask them.

    • What is so wrong with seeing if anyone else has experienced this before? Surely I'm not the only person that was in an accident before. And that is a 'social' interaction. Not all interactions are limited to how big of a dick do you need.

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    • Then don't answer it if you don't have anything to contribute? Or if my question is so offensive, report me and have it deleted.

    • "Then don't answer it if you don't have anything to contribute?"
      - Then don't ask questions that are lumped into dick size and "what does this mean" questions.

      " if my question is so offensive, report me and have it deleted. "
      -- I've submitted a full complaint to the head committee of GAG and we're going to be reviewing this case on 8/23/2016.

  • Was it actually your fault?

  • Insurance will cover it.


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