What would you think of the person if they asked this question and you personally know them?

okay so the awkwardest thing happened... this person knows me in real life and i asked this question..."am i ugly.." and said this.."I've never had a boyfriend in my life and ALL i get is guys starring at me. like they are my friends and when i would ask them a question they would just stare at me and i would have to repeat myself.. its really confusing. (they are guys) please be honest. also I've lost 15 ibs. 😊 I don't know if you could tell from the pic i took recently to the pic of me in the dress lol" okay so if you knew me in real life what would u think of me? :0

again i asked this question on here and they said tbey knew me now i feel like they think im insecure or something


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  • I think they do think you're ugly if they didn't say anything