Does anybody think the whole deal with Earledreka White is just ridiculous?

Here is a link to the video

The first thing I thought after watching the video was "Are you fricking kidding me?"

1. At the beginning, this cop waited QUIETLY AND PATIENTLY as the lady yapped away at 911.

2. Her voice did not sound scared at all, her voice sounded more pissed than scared, because she thinks she was stopped for no reason. Or perhaps she thought the cop was racist for pulling her over. Anyways, It sounded much more like a bitching call, than a "please save me" call.

3. The cop did not use excessive force. The cop tried to put handcuffs on her, but you can clearly see from the video she was not making it easy.

What the lady should have done:

Just say OK and accept the ticket, and then fight this in court. You know there is nothing you can do to reverse the cop's decision, especially doing what she did. She should have done this instead of calling 911 an then yapping away.

At least that's what I would have done, if I felt strong enough about the ticket.

Anyone share the same view?


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  • I agree with you.


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  • Yeah it's pretty ridiculous

  • Why do black people think that they are above the law now?

    • It's easy to hate and blame other's for people's own mistakes.
      This doesn't apply to just black people, this applies to EVERYONE.

      It's easier to blame others for your own bad decisions.

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    • Isn't the*

    • There was a video where the woman was telling the officer that she wasn't an American citizen, but rather some kind of hippy sounding "child of the earth" or something like that (totally paraphrased), so she didn't have to comply with him. If I can find it, I'll post it.