Is he talking to other girls on Tinder?

I met this guy on tinder that I am currently seeing he is in the military and on deployment right now for 4 months. We get along very well and have so many things in common. We hang out some not as much as we want to because our work schedules do not match but he does not care how much time we have together all he wants to do is be able to see me and talk. He told me that when he comes back we will spend more time together and be in an actual relationship together. Since he has left we have not been able to communicate as much maybe 3 times (he is always busy or does not have connection where he is). I sent him a message about a month ago and he asked me if we were going to hang out when he came back and I told him we would. I will send him a message on tinder and he will reply in 3 weeks max and only with one worded answers like "Wow" and then we will go a couple of weeks without talking because we are so busy. I do not have a problem with him not responding it is just that when I check into tinder to see if he sent someone I will notice that his location will change every other day. I do not know if he is logging in to check if I messaged him or if he is talking to another girl. I am not jealous but if he has enough time to log in then I think he could at least message me once in a while. I think I am overreacting but it's something to think about because I am waiting all of this time for him to come back and if he does not want to be with me anymore than I think I should know this so that I do not wait for someone who is not coming back for me and get my heart broken because I thought that they were coming back for me. When I like someone I put my whole heart into the relationship to make things work and I do not want to get hurt believing in something that is not going to happen. Advice? I don't know what to do or how to stay calm with this because it is eating away at me Advice?


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  • I don't know, but are you still communicating through Tinder, or do you have his phone number? I would start there.

    I'm not sure where your guy is, but I had an ex-boyfriend in the military who was deployed for 6 months, and we'd still talk and text during the week. Had to use kik or whatsapp and he needed a wifi connection, but they did have that on base.

    I think you should talk to him on the phone, ask how he is and all that, but also bring up some of these concerns you have, and move away from using Tinder to have your conversations. I'm not liking his one word answers after three weeks either. That sounds more like disinterest than being too busy to me.