Why do parents encourage the guy to study something difficult and the girl flits by?

I notice this a lot.

Like I met a guy who is an engineer, (now business person), and his sister is a nurse. I just thought it was a little weird.

Another person I know, his sister is doing some arts program whereas he's a soon to be well off marketing guy.

I don't get why parents keep differences. Wouldn't it be weird if let's say the engineer guy married a beautiful, clever girl of his own status and his sister married a guy who didn't go to school because of hers?


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  • Because girls just want to have fun. Guys are expected to do the hard shit in life.
    And as we see, even with the option, women will overwhelmingly choose easier things and then expect men to make more and have a higher statice.
    They bitch about equality but do not rise up to the challenge.

    • See THIS is the real problem.

      It's a cycle.

      It's a dangerous, dangerous cycle.

      Girls grow up thinking life is about feelings and emotions etc. Guys don't. They work hard when they're young, and women are all I'm pretty look at me etc.

      Now you take those same girls who grow up to be someone's wife and someone's mother and are disrespected by their husbands etc... and then it becomes a question of well they're the ones who chose not to work hard so of course there'll be no respect.

      So the husband gets away with treating the wife/mother badly and the wife/mother just bawls her eyes out that her husband is a jerk.

      I wonder whose more wrong out of hte two. I always have

    • Maybe they are both wrong.
      I don't think as a species we are doing this life thing right.
      We disrespect each other and fail to seek our potential in life.
      Not everyone- but the vast majority.

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  • My parents didn't really care what we studied or decided to pursue a career in. My brother and I were very good students. Many girls pursue nursing and arts. Are you sure their parents kept those differences? Are you sure it just wasn't their decisions? My parents just told us to live the life we want to live, and live with the future in mind. I'm studying law, and my brother is trying to be an anesthesiologist. We chose it. I never got to "flit by". My parents taught me to never think about my gender.

    • Law... that's interesting.

      Do you like the material involved in law? I was in a business program at school and took a law course as part of my program which I genuinely enjoyed and got an A+ on.

      Was interesting. But I've always thought that anything can be interesting if it's not your whole degree so I was assuming I should be more careful if I am considering law as an actual career.

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    • Really? In what area of law?

      I am assuming you need more than a JD for being a law prof, yes?

    • You only need a JD. Contract law seems interesting, but it depends on the area of law I get to specialize in while I'm practicing law.

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  • Wait wait... are you insinuating that being a nurse is easy or easy to accomplish?

    Sorry, you don't get to blame the parents, people make their own choices.

    • Compared to an engineer of course!

      Actually... I do get to blame the parents. The parents are constantly at the guy's backs to do what they have to do. It's a belief int he guy's head that if I don't study I'm nowhere.

      The girls get to have a free pass thinking oh the guy's got to earn but you know what? That's bullshit. You're always going to be some guy's beautiful wife instead of a real person if you do that

    • Not even kind of close. Especially if you consider advanced nursing like being a nurse practitioner.

      Okay, you can blame whoever you want. You can blame the neighbor if you'd like. That doesn't make the blame correctly placed.

      However, you're probably correct in the reasoning. The parents believe the girl should have a financially supportive husband. However, if that wasn't what she wanted then she would psh herself.

  • Yeah , sometimes it happens. But mostly it's calibre.

    • I don't really think it's as simple as that.

      Yeah the girl might not have the capacity to be an engineer because most people don't. That's fair.

      But why not encourage her to do something more lucrative? Honestly a lot of guys who I know who pursue hard subjects they are not perfect people either they get results because they work hard.

      It's not like they're so smart that they just look at a textbook and voila they get everything lol. It's pushing them to work hard evne at the cost of their peace of mind because the end results are all worth it.

      That form of thinking is just not there in women it's so sad

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    • Not really.

      Actually I met this guy in business school. I dn't think he remembers me but I remember him.

      I didn't end up completing that program and got my degree from another University.

      But I've always wondered why there's this difference.

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  • Are the sons of those families the older ones out of the 2?
    As an outsider, I see it as parents become less strict with the 2nd child.
    But keep calm, I'm a girl and my parents didn't let me do anything other than study most of my life and now they wonder why I am such an introvert. 😒

  • Traditional roles.

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