Any DIY fiends out there? I need some help finding a some clips for a project im working on?

I have a large weird shaped poster that I want framed but all the custom frame shops are quoting me £100 +, so I bought a 1mx1m acrylic sheet and a hardboard sheet to make my own. I also bought some corner mirror clips to actually mount it on the wall. However because of the size, the acrylic kind of bows in the middle so I need some clips to keep it tight against the hardboard backing. If you look at smaller clip frames they have small clips running down the sides. I can't post a link yet but if you google "clip frame amazon" you will see the sort thing im after.

Its cost me £30 so far so im saving a lot of money. but i can't find clips like that anywhere. Im sure they have a specific name but yeah, i can't find them.


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  • The cop boards that I foundat Amazon are merely a wide blade that clamps by spring pressure. Is this the one you are referring too?

  • Nsh im not good with DIY but good luck man

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