What was your reaction when you realized that torrentz. eu has shut down?

It's true, folks! Torrentz. eu which was the Internet’s biggest meta-search engine for torrents disabled its functionality.

My reaction when I found out:

What was your reaction when you realized that torrentz.eu has shut down?


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  • I feel hopeless, cause now I don't know any search engine like that one :(

    Suddenly, I don't know how to tor**** anymore except for the old yify that still lay around

    • hey, you know that torrentz2. eu came to replace it?

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    • ahhahahaha

      It came up, in like 2 or 3 days after the original got shut down xD

      Happy torrenting :) Glad to help

    • Thanks, bro. You too! ^_^

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  • I never used it so not sad lol


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  • LOL dont care.. I use Piratebay & KAT. al
    Its not over


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