What is wrong with me? Or is it me that I secretly feel desperate?

So, my neighbor, right across the parking lot from me ( I live in apartment complex). There is 3 people in the house. A dad, who seems to be a senior and two teenage kids. When I moved in, I was interested in the boy. It is like one of those thing where you like someone you don't know how and you don't know why but you just do. I don't have any feelings or anything towards him. Today, I was walking my dog towards the mailbox to check the mail and I saw he was coming too and I don't know how I felt. I felt like " :o" inside for a quick second. I went the other way home and not towards him to put my dog inside so I can grab my car keys and go out to a store. When I grabbed my car keys and was about to exit out of the complex I saw him with his German Shepard in the middle of the road on his phone. I was kinda hopelessly waiting for him to notice. Like I said I don't know why. Sometimes you do things and you don't know why. Opinions will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post but i'm curious. Thanks.


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  • It is neither nothing is wrong with you and your not desperate. You simply have a crush on the guy. it is completely normal. The best thing you can do is to just go talk with him like he is a normal person. Try and relax and not set him up on a pedistal.

    • Oh my god.. How do I even have a crush on my neighbor I did not realize that.

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    • Well then just wait for a chance and say hi and introduce yourself.

    • I think i'll pass... Bc like I said I'm not great with the whole talking thing.

  • ok here you go...
    "The following are the men who generally obtain success with women:
    Men who are their neighbours"
    - kama sutra: part v

    • by the way it goes both ways... i think my neighbor girl is so retardedly hot haha

    • I find my neighbor nerdy, I know i'm not suppose to judge but.. as I was pulling my car out of the parking lot it looked like he was going to find a pokemon.

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