Similar and different ways you and your parents were as teenagers?

Including how u had fun, how you grew up (rich or poor), dress style, attitude, whether you were rebelious, etc...

MY parents:

1. Rebelious (but never got into drugs)
2. They grew up REALLY poor
3. Dressed with cheap clothes
4. Had fun by making games up and hanging out with friends
5. Neither parent finished HighSchool
6. Lived in extremely small houses (I went to see where my parents used to live :) )


1. Not rebelious what so ever (maybe a little bit but not really considered rebelious in this day and age)
2. Grew up middle class
3. Dress in modern day clothes (with MY money tho)
4. I play video games, hang out
5. I plan on graduating HS, going to college and becoming a FireFighter
6. Live in a nice house (3 rooms, garage, etc) nothing special

I know that people are gonna say I grew up spoiled (and I'm NOT) but it's just that my parents work they're ass off and I'm proud of them :) and I show my appreciation all the time 💜

This was a question just cuz I'm curious because almost every generation lived differently than others :)

And no! Just because I said a little rebelous it doesn't mean I do drugs cuz I don't and don't ever plan to :p


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  • My parents:
    1. Grew up in the rural areas.
    2. Wore uniforms to school (my dad dressed in khakis and my mom in a tunic).
    3. They either walked to school or took the public bus but they walked to school most of the time. (Yep, they would walk about 1-3 miles to school).
    4. Spent their time in the outdoors (my dad used a slingshot to shoot birds, but not the endangered kind and my mom hung out with friends at corner shops)
    5. The schools that they went to were all public schools.
    6. They would spend their summer vacations going to different parishes (they are like 'states') to spend time with their families.

    1. Grew up in the capital city, but I am now in suburban FL.
    2. I did wear uniforms to school, but I no longer live in the Caribbean so I don't have to anymore lol (I wore tunics and skirts with a tie)
    3. I always got a ride to school (my parents drove me to school) or I sometimes take the school bus now.
    4. I spend a lot of my time indoors watching TV or online and always going to the movies.
    5. I went to both private and public schools, but mostly private.
    6. I would spend my summer vacations in New York.

    People told you that you grew up spoiled too? lol same, but I'm not tho.


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  • My parents:
    1. walked miles to school every day.
    2. had angry fathers
    3. religious
    4. used to study on the ground with only a candle
    5. hanged out with friends and played old games
    6. Lived in a big house with a big garden (you know old houses where so big)
    7. they found out what sex is when they where 15v years old

    1. Cycle to my school
    2. normal father
    3. religion doesn't matter to me
    4. i don't study at all :D
    5. hang out with friends/biking out or playing video games
    6. Living in a goddamn apartment with 2 rooms and a living room (my brother and i share the same room)
    7. I found out what sex is when i was 11 years old


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  • My parents:

    1. My mom is very hard working, she grew up on a farm, dad is from the city, does his best.
    2. My mom had a lot more freedom to do what she wanted than my dad
    3. My mom has a masters degree and my dad, a bachelors degree
    4. My mom is a lot more extroverted than my dad.
    5. They both were raised without a specific religion.


    1: I was not rebellious from my mom's standpoint but was from my dad's
    2. I dress nicely, my style is simple and a little Seattle 😜
    3. I'm in college
    4. My mom raised me primarily and I had nannies to help take care of me when she was working.
    5. I live in an apartment downtown by myself.

    Yeah lol that's it 😊💙

  • My parents:

    1. Responsible
    2. Focused Student
    3. Obedient daughter
    4. Self giving
    5. traditional

    1. religious
    2. Can't obey every thing. I wouldn't say disobedient. More like, if I don't think it's right, I won't do it. I would suggest alternatives.

    Umm that's all I want to reveal.

    1. Looks


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  • different for sure