What cars are best for new drivers?

I am looking to buy a used car.. Most important to me is saftey and reliability. I also need something at a decent price. I'm a new driver. What would be a good place to look for cars? Also what cars are best for new drivers?


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  • Jettas are great cars. They're safe, they're reliable, but the maintenance can be costly. Civics are quite good but not as safe. As for "where" to look for cars, that depends on where you live. But DON'T go to a used car dealership. It would be a better idea to go to a regular dealership and look at their used cars. More costly but less likely to get a lemon.

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    • www.statista.com/.../...-in-us-by-manufacturer.jpg

      VW has one of the lowest recall rates of all manufacturers (in the US, which would probably apply doubly for Europe). As such, it's to be expected that the overall quality of them is up to the same standard.

    • Give an hour or two. Once I'm off work I'll shoe you what I'm on sbout

  • VW beetle 2016

    • I don't think I could afford a new car

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