I'm lonely, ugly, depressed and have parents pressuring me to exercise and have good grades, What should I do?


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  • Exercise and get good grades.

    • lol. My teacher has a rating template which she determines everyones grades with but the problem is:The way she explains how to get higher grades on a certain subject is just ridiculously complex. I've asked her about it but she said she was busy always.

      Moving on to exercising. I'm a beginner and whenever i exercise i feel like my whole body hurts and i'm sure people wouldn't exercise just for the sake of feeling pain. So what would do in this situation?

    • Keep exercising. If it hurts immediately while doing it... you're doing it wrong.

      But it's normal to be sore after.

  • calm down

    take one step at a time

    If you wanna start with exercise first.
    Do that.

    One minute per day if you can't start with 20.

    Maybe twice a week.

    Or just start with something easy; such as walking more; or taking the stairs.

    Do that for a month before moving into workouts.


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  • Dont be sad.. Parents always pressure to have good grades. Why not excercise? Its good for you. It'll make you look better too

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