Is my boyfriend cheating?

My boyfriend would bring this girl to his place whenever our relationship was going through problems and I wouldn't see him for days. Just when I told him I know I've been in the some wrong, and wants to consistently be there for him for whatever he needs. I see this girl's hair strand on top of his dirty stove. Now last time I was around. .. I cleaned his stove. Why, when I had told him let's hold this relationship firm am o seeing straight long hair. I have curly hair...


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  • hard to say. a hair on the stove isn't really evidence enough. hair in his bed or a piece of under garment would be more damning.

    she could just be someone who serves as a confidant or sort of provides guidance

    but it is sort of odd that she always is in the picture when things are bad. is she present a lot when things are going ok?

    • Okay, so I know he he didn't clonthiast time and her hair was around. And he works likes an animal, I'm going to let him pass onthis one

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    • Just those two evidence. He promised me hair wasn't h a girl he brought in. Usually he admit to these things

    • well that is suspect that he'd lie about the hair and the source of it

  • Nice work, agent x-7. It sue sounds Ike she has been around the place a lot.

    • Hair on top of the stove is very unlikely but I understand he did not clean up after her mess last time she was here. thing is is that I remember I clean that stove and I don't remember a speck of hair being in there he did clean a little bit but not entirely so I'm not sure if they're just ended up being there while he was moving stuff or I really don't know. what do you think?

    • this place is a mess though and I even see my hair on the floor 2. I'm going to clean up just sold out the second time coming around I can determine for myself

  • I think u should find some time to talk into each others' heart. A straight talk is always better than blind guessing.


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