Should I skate goofy or regular?

I'm in a weird position right now.

I can skate in both goofy and regular, but I can't do tricks in goofy, appart from nollies.

My balance in regular isn't great, so I stick to soft concrete or skateparks.

Am I goofy or regular?


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  • That's an odd situation. You're most likely regular if nollies are easier than ollies goofy-footed. It's probably easier to fix the balance in regular stance if your back foot in goofy has a hard time with kick-turns, ollies, kickflips, etc.

    • Try to pick your stance based on your back foot's ease of ability to kick-turn on a quarter/half-pipe and ollie on street. Balance is easier to fix than lack of control in the back foot.

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    • I tried skating Mongo a bit, but that really is too awkward.

      I've been watching some videos, and I think all I can do is practice skating around in regular and go from there.

      Thanks for the advice.

    • Cheers. And yeah, try not to skate mongo.

  • Just do it normally