Is this normal?

So i feel as time passes by it's getting hard for me to have feelings.
Not feelings like be in love but to care about sth or be happy for someone or even sad
For example my parents are taking a divorce and im not sad at all but i dont feel happy either.
And last week i met a guy i really liked i mean he's just so perfect for me and even though he likes me back i feel like i dont like him anymore without any specific reason
Also some bad things have happened to me and i dont feel sad at all or mad or frustrated or whatever
I can only feel excited for sth or find sth funny but i feel like im dying inside you know? Even though i have a very intense life i still feel like that.
So my question is: is that normal?


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  • your just having a lot of emotions

    • Lol no that's what im saying i dont have emotions at all

    • but it looks like you are having some. dont worry just dont think about it too much and keep yourself busy in doing things

  • It's called teen angst. We've all been there.


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