How do I stop myself from thinking I'm not that smart?

I am.

It's just you know the school system. Tests require mental energy which I lost all of.

So I'd still do well in project work but get 50s on the tests and my grade would average to a B.

This was after I took time off from school before that I was doing fine.

Now I feel lost. I think the fact that I'm good-looking doesn't help because slogging seems averse to me. Like I'm too pretty to study something I don't like. I'm so so not okay.


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  • surround yourself with stupid people.

    • Well if you're not going to take me seriously then what's the point

    • i bet you feel smarter already.

    • I am smart. I just messed up with school.

      DO you understand that

  • Try reading or learning something.


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