Sometimes I feel like my friend only wants to talk about drugs?

Me and my friend are really cool with each other. The one thing that annoys me is about her obsession with weed or any kind of drug. If I bring up the word drugs or weed, she would try to educate me on how drugs are good for you and shit. I don't really care about drugs because I'm not going to do it and become a drug addict at 15 like she is. She would go on and on about shit she tried or wants to try like I care. She told me that she don't like peer pressuring or persuading someone to smoke weed but once she says that she would do that to me. I mean I love her as a human being but loathe her addiction which waters down my very little of hope for her. She said that she knows she isn't going to make it through life. She told me before summer break and says that she isn't going to do any kind of drugs from 9th grade til she's legal. And tell me to stop her from thinking of it. She started rambling about drugs and I told her about it. She denied everything saying that she isn't going to stop all together through that time. I was omfg you did not just said all this bs. She would find some excuse to mention drugs in a conversation. She blows up my phone when she talks about drugs. Then says that she's unstable and needs to smoke. I tell her she needs rehab but she said she doesn't like change. And finally when I mentioned something I'm happy about she would bring up weed and completely ignored I had said something. I think her boyfriend influence her and her mom. I'm just worried she might going to OD on something.


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  • I wonder what her home life is like. What drugs is she doing?

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