If you were immortal, what would you want to do with your life?

You cannot be killed. You can travel anywhere you want in the entire universe (or stay on Earth) and do whatever you please (within reason). What would you want to do with your new immortal life?


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  • These topics always have my attention. But that's probably because I am deep and not happy with mortality to begin with as I know I had never chose to be a mortal human being made out of flesh, bone, and blood in the very FIRST PLACE!

    It also makes me think even deeper and do some critical thinking about it all.

    Depending upon the immortality variation.

    Will any "maintenance requirements" still apply? Do I absolutely need to "recharge" or "refuel" to maintain this kind of immortality at any point and time?

    E. G. Drink blood, swap out portable nuclear fusion reactor cores, make sacrifices, human or otherwise to some insanely dark or evil entity, or any of the regular human/mortal maintenance requirements and necessities still apply (needing to eat, sleep, drink water, have shelter, etc., etc., etc.), I hated that cycle of NEEDING to maintain a physical body made out of flesh, bone, and blood, and then it eventually expires NO MATTER WHAT WE DO OR NOT DO.

    If there are absolutely NO maintenance requirements and it's a one time and absolutely irreversible thing, yea sure, no problem with it at all.

    But then what about pain or suffering. Both physical and emotional.

    How do those still apply with this variation of immortality?

    As I wouldn't want to be stuck and trapped in a single location or "buried alive" and stuck though. Having the ability to teleport anywhere combined with such an immortality would be the best possible package of such extraordinary capabilities.

    You already confirmed that I cannot be killed so that already implied no physical trauma will kill me, check, that's great, no need to worry about being at the wrong place and at the wrong time anymore.

    I'd go with leaving Earth WAY BEYOND OUR SOLAR SYSTEM if possible.

    Or if I decide to stay then I'd reside either in the South Pole at Antarctica or even in Mount Everest or perhaps really deep in the bottom of the ocean floors for most part if I actually got such an immortality. I don't want anyone to come looking for me and reach me so easily do to my lack of faith and trust in other people and all of the systems of this mortal human world. And if they do manage to find me, congrats. I'd bore and disappoint them all to death by constantly discussing about existential nihilism.

    I really wouldn't mind drifting endlessly throughout the entire universe BEYOND EARTH's atmosphere just to explore and see whatever happens out there and whatever and whomever it is out there.

    • You don't need any maintenance because it will be provided for you by whoever is out there running the universe.

      As for pain and suffering, it is completely optional. You can choose to experience it or not. And you're a great thinker :) thank you for your in depth answer.

    • "I had never chose to be a mortal human being made out of flesh, bone, and blood in the very FIRST PLACE!"

      I have a thought that you might want to ponder about. What if before you were born, you were a celestial being who lived in and enjoyed the delights of Heaven and Paradise. But you wanted an adventure, a very far out adventure. You wanted to embark upon one of the greatest adventures the universe has to offer you. You wanted the adventure to be as real and authentic as possible. And thus you were born.

    • If that was the case I'd be really fucking stupid to change when boundless and endless possibilities of Hedonism is right there in front of me the whole time. I'd also get so fucking bored of it all eventually to. The only things to figure out is how to be immortal and be completely incapable of suffering and feeling boredom. Greatest adventure here on Planet Earth with Humanity? It would absolutely be the worst fucking idea ever if that was the case. I'd totally fucked up then if I really had made the choice to manifest into this world and reality and I had arrive to the wrong planet and chose the wrong kind of physical form to become and manifest as. I'd refuse to every believe and accept that I was ever some "Celestial" entity prior to coming into existence

      Real and authentic? I'm not sure what is really real at all if it can be defined as such at all. Complete illusions and delusions. The only reality and truth is "emptiness", at least from my own perception and experiences.

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  • Can my boyfriend be immortal too or do I have to be alone?

    Learn every single knowledge possible while watching how everything changes.

    • Yes, your boyfriend can be immortal. Anyone you can think of can be immortal.

    • Okay then yeah we probably both would travel the universe, would be interesting.

  • I'd probably look for a cure to become mortal again. I'm willing to bet that immortality is not as half as great as it seems to us mortals and after the first century life surely becomes an incredible drag.


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  • Study everything, learn everything, apply myself to better humanity then chill right the fuck out, haha. I expect periods of great ambition to be split up periods of taking things slow and enjoying life.

  • Immortality is worse than death. Going through generations of loved ones, watching them all die... Yeah, I'd donate myself to science and go through what ever to help.

  • learn all instruments, get on a planet and play until the ends of times

  • Kill everysingle politician especially trump and clinton

    • And then you'd rule over and conquer the world as the new leader? Or would you rather have a world without leaders and without systems after getting rid of them all?

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    • @JudgmentDay yeah well with any system of gov you do that and that will happen corruption. You try an oligarchy corruption, monarchy corruption, democracy, corruption, dictatorship corruption. So what do you suggest? I mean I actually agree with you and utopia will never exist, but that "never" is cause humans have a violent nature it seems like that's what is in our DNA. Money its what separates us from the animals.

    • Offer everyone the possibility to upgrade and to become BEYOND HUMAN. Again offer it, rather than force it. Take away the aggression, the suffering, the pain, the boundless greedy desires, and show them the ultimate truth: "Emptiness"

      Or at least suggest they sign on the dotted line and agree beforehand. And then you drop them off into some far away planet all on their own or your own very planet or something. Ideally everyone gets their very own little planet once they are BEYOND HUMAN and IMMORTAL. No more fighting, no more cheating, no more lying and deceptions, no more hating, no more stealing, everyone gets to have their very own little utopia and paradise, no pain, no suffering, and no possibility of dying or death. Done and won for all eternity. If they reject your offer, oh well, sell your offer to the next interested client then.

  • Do I get to keep my youth?

    • Yes, you can. You can have the most perfect body that you can imagine.

    • Nice!
      I'd master everything I wanted... Gymnast, musician, martial artise, dancer, surfer, aaaaall that good stuff

  • listening music or creating music. doing something based on experiance is sensible.