It starts paining a week before my period date. I am so fed up:( Its unbearable. Please help me?

I get period cramps and they are really unbearable. I can't explain especially on my first and second day I am in a condition of dying. Please help me. Hot water bags kinda work but i iron a cloth and put it there. I have heard you should eat one egg daily a week before periods and bananas are also good. is this true. what else? any home made remedies? help me please. I am one of those people who cry out loud while periods :( I can't explain how much pain i bear. My date is near and the pain has started. what to do? help


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  • I can Recall and All, hun, when I was a Teen, that I would get my Period Cramps so bad that they would Travel way up my butt, and I would be Rocking Back and Forth in my Bed.
    Yes, the Beginning few days, along with a Heavy Flow, are the Worst of this. However, my mom would give me some Midol or Pamprin or Something to this affect, to Help Lessen my pain.
    Some Hot tea and lemon and honey is soothing. Don't take a Bath for a few days but a nice Soothing Shower where the Running warm water is Best from the Rest. Also, tell mom to give you an Excuse so no gym in school during this Time of the Month.
    Just a Suggestion for Endometriosis has Run in my family. Have mom take you to a GYN to make sure everything checks out.
    When I was on my own, I had Gone on The Pill and I found that the cramps disappeared. This is a good remedy too.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. Hope you are feeling better. xx

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  • I don't know about home remedies. My period was so painful that even hydrocodone didn't help, people told me to eat chocolate, use a heating pad or a hot bath but I ended up having to have surgery, had my left Fallopian tube removed and the right one burnt and tied I'm still having aweful periods that come and go when ever but they're not nearly as painful. Have you talked to your doctor? I would. Keep going till they help you. It took me going to several doctors till I found the right one who actually helped me. It's bad when a lady has to take 5 pain pills and Advil just to be able to walk. Complain a lot. Good luck to ya sister. I feel your pain I do.

  • an aspirin a day the week before your due date should sort it... feminax (paracetamol with codeine) should sort it but only after a lie down for a bit...

  • Take Naproxen about 5 days before you expect your period. Also take it during your period. This should help. I am 50 years old and still have a period every month. It only gets worse the older you get. I have had to stay home from work just last week... it got so bad.

  • I think you should see a doctor. However before that, you should do this-
    1. Staying hydrated always.
    2. Healthier diet. Making sure that you get all nutrients in adequate quantities. If not, try OTC supplements. Make sure that your diet has enough Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids. Avoid/cut down junk food.
    3. Exercise regularly.
    This should help in most cases. Despite of this if things are same, do consider going to doctor.
    PS- it'll take at least 2-3 months for results to show when you do things mentioned above.