What is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands?


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  • holland is actually a region on teh wesetern portion of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is in Holland... however outside of holland and the netherlands the two are used interchangeably... but as i learned many in Holland or the Nertherlands sometimes find it offensive or at least ignorant to simply presume they are one in the same



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  • The Netherlands is the country. Holland is a region in the Netherlands. It's just a part of the Netherlands. I'm Dutch, and know my stuff.

    • I'm dutch and I couldn't care less about this

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    • @Raymond_Reddington Ja is grappig. Mijn beste vriendin in de brugklas scheelde maar een uur met mij. Ook zoiets leuks :P

    • Haha dat is echt leuk ja πŸ˜„

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