"What do women want"?

Please don't feel offended by this, it is not a sarcastic question. This is about letting women have the chance to answer this question that has been around for ages.


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  • I guess you mean perhaps in terms of relationships?

    Well, respect, to be listened to, cared about, loved in all ways, to receive all the love and emotion and care that we give out (assuming you get a girl who does do those things I guess).

    On a food answer:

    Mashed potato. God damn that stuff is good.

    • Just the person I wanted to hear from. This was about anything that was on your mind. So if it was relationships that is great, if you want it to be about society, then go for it.

      How would those things look to you? What are some specific examples?

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    • That is all very true. But with us guys, sometimes you need to be direct and say it flat out what you want/need. You can give us a look, you mean it a certain way, but us guys can/will take it a totally different way cause it means that for "this, not that" for us in our heads.

    • Oh yeah, definitely learnt that ha. And I only really do looks for general public, or my obvious ones like if he says something stupid I'll give him my "you did not seriously just say that you weirdo" look and he knows it :P

      But, like right now for example, I tell him I just don't want jokes for a night, I don't want to only feel insulted and made fun of, I just want him to be a bit sensitive and nice etc. He's just still learning what sensitive and nice is because he doesn't see what he says as bad sometimes (because normally it is funny and normally i would laugh) so, we're working on it.

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  • The answer varies from woman to woman. Different women want different things. There's never going to be one set answer for all of us.

    • I totally understand and respect that.

      So how would YOU answer this?

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    • Yeah, I'd feel so smothered if we both didn't make time for other people

    • I have been there before. Where the two of us were the only people we hung out with all the time. But at that time we both went home to separate houses just to sleep.

      I won't make this mistake again for sure. But I think it is hard when you want to spend all your time away that you have to almost force yourself apart from them.

  • We want cuddles, loyalty, chocolate, security, and orgasms.

    • In what was are you looking for loyalty and security?

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    • I also meant afraid to ask something on here. :)

    • Not really afraid to ask anything here

  • garlic bread


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  • In terms of love? relationships? or in general? Ok, I'll tell you what I think.

    1. In terms of love, relationships., a women need true men who can treat them like a queen.

    2. They need a man who will never flirt with any other woman or even look at them as long as they are in a relationship.

    3. They need a man who can always tell them the truth and be 100% transparent to them about themselves.

    4. They need a man who will never try to make them jealous on purpose or to test them in any way possible.

    That's what I can think off.

  • Everything and nothing at the same god damn motherfuckin! Time.

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