What do I do how do I do it and even if I find out will I? Try'd failed yet again to beat that cruel mistress cocaine! Any suggestions I'm out?

I have to leave for work in 2 hours I have sat up all night snorting coke and drinking. I have fuckd up everything for years prison violence substance abuse failed relationships seen been and done things that still haunt me. For the last year I thought i had changed my life met a girl that I truly love more than I can explain in words engaged got a regular job not bad money not exactly high life material but honest without the threat of prison. The last month or 2 I can feel it slipping that old daemon cocaine I can't shake it no matter how hard I try one chance meeting and back to snorting dealing slipping back only time before I'm smoking and I know exactly where that ends. Can feel it slipping away done it so many times before I don't know if I have it in me to pick up and start again one more time. Fuckkkk!!!


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  • Do you or could you have a sponsor? It's easy for people to say it's a choice, but addiction isn't that easy. Is there anyone you can reach out to just to talk you down?

    • I don't find it easy talking to people I'm not sure who to talk to that's why I'm doing it on hear i don't even know why I posted this now it's not going to make any difference just had to get that rant out I'll sort it

    • At least getting it out means you acknowledge the battle you're having. It could make a difference, wasn't life better without it? You stand to lose so much over something that's only going to bring you even worse problems.

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  • If you want to stop bad enough you'll stop. It is a choice

    • The first thing is ask yourself if you really truly want to quit. A simple yes or no question. Don't tell me you do then keep using.

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    • I do i fucking do I have done a couple of times but it keeps coming back its to easy old friends associates sticking it under my nose unlimited credit easy money even easier gear I need to move Mabey thats the answer but I don't want to fuck off and leave my kids

    • And sorry for the initial sarcasm don't take it personally

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