I'm too lazy, why do we have to work in this world? Have you ever worked in a job?

Why do we have to work in this world? There is no job that I love in this world, even if there's one, it will not be easy to get it in my country, what's your job and do you hate this order that we always have to work?


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  • Cause nothing comes for free in today's day and age. Maybe take a career's test

  • Who do you think should support you financially?

    • aren't there a lot of homeless person still living in the america streets?

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    • lol. I dont want that but Im curious, how do those homeless people buy their food and eat?

    • Soup kitchens... they pander for money

  • If we don't work we will not get rewards to enjoy life. It's just the way it is. I'm a student and don't enjoy what I'm studying for, but what motivates me is the high salary. I'll be going on holidays every year with that.

    • So you will be working hard for 360 days in a year for a good 5 days vacation? :(

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    • I gave you +1 rep. Thanks :)

    • Thanks, your welcome 😊

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