Who's considered more of a minority in USA? A British immigrant, or an African American?

I'm into boxing and was watching this segment of Muhammad Ali arguing with a British woman about their minority statuses:

Basically, in your opinion, who is more subjected to discrimination?


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  • I'd say African Americans since a British person with white skin isn't going to receive the same level of struggle, discomfort, and extended prejudice or discrimination that an African American will.

    • You do realize that not everyone from Britain is white you narrow-minded cretin.

    • @ForeverAloneBrah First of all, you will not be talking to me like that. There's no need for your nasty ass, disgusting, condescending disrespect. If you can't figure out how to use your mouth correctly in 27 years on my post, then you won't be using it here at all.

      Secondly, I'm aware of that. Get your facts clear before you start foaming at the mouth for no reason.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Yes she's "more" of a minority as there are most likely fewer Brits living in America than African Americans but African Americans are prejudiced against in a greater scale.


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  • I'd say there would be a fair few more African Americans in America than British people. In fact, there's probably more African Americans in America than British people in Britain. Just look at the two countries population.

  • They're both minorities.

    • The question is who is considered MORE of a minority?

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    • You fail to comprehend the gist of the question. This conversation is over.

    • I've answered your question. It's not my fault you didn't ask the appropriate question is it? You've shown a poor grasp of the English language.