What's your smartphone and what are the specs of it?

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My phone is: Lenovo a7010 (vibe k4 note)
Internal storage: 32GB
Ram: 2GB
Processor: 1.5Ghz
Camera: 13MP
Front camera: 5MP
Battery power: 3300Mah
Screensize: 5.5inch
Extra features: fingerprint reader, dolby atmos sound system.


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  • Iphone SE


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  • If you knew what I know about cell phones with an operating system (Android, iOS, etc.) you would toss it off a tall bridge into a deep lake tied to a rock. My cell phone makes calls, sends text messages and has a single lens camera. That is it. It is impossible for it to be used against me and there is nothing on it worth downloading (stealing) for anyone with a little brains can learn to do.


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  • S7 brill


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  • I've forgotten the specifics of the camera but my phone is an HTC 10.
    It's got 4GB ram, 32GB storage (there was a 64GB option but I didn't take it to save money and got an SD card which actually bonds to the phones own memory and that gives it 100 and something GB all up.

    12megapixel camera
    Not sure what the front camera has but I think 5MP from memory.

    1.7GHZ Snapdragon 820 processor

    3000 rough battery power

    Screen 5.2 inch

    It has fingerprint scanner etc

    • Sounds very nice, how much is it?

    • It was just under $1000 AUD when I got it but that was when it first came out. It's come down a bit now I think.

  • YU 5010
    2 GB ram
    Snapdragon 410 1.2GHz Quadcore
    8Mp + 5mp cam
    Battery 2230mAh
    16GB storage
    5 inch screen
    Android platform (Cyanogen modles also available)
    Special feature? U$D 100-120

  • Moto G3