Do you like many people's Facebook posts and do you get many likes in return?

I used to like SO many posts on Facebook but lately I haven't been on it much. I post, however and do like some things but not nearly as often and comment only seldom. I have a business so this is important but I also post personal things.

I noticed that as soon as I stopped liking so many people's things that fewer people liked my posts. Even personal posts that always got lots of likes. I feel like I'm not well liked!! :-/

I forgot to mention this: my husband is in our business with me and so his posts are the same. Our business and then personal. He does NOT like people's posts at all, yet gets so many likes. And we both know the same amount of people, we are hardly social butterflies. I feel so down :-(


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  • When I was 13 /in middle school, yeah but then lost interest eventually

  • It's kinda like instagram, I've noticed! When I like many pics, I get a like in return. I think it's due to the like being mutual. People are more likely to like your pic if they remembered that you liked theirs:)