I'm constantly bombarded by negative things ALL day long?

So, it's been two days since I started school, today being the second. Just to sum things up, my uniform is shitty, my teachers and classes I actually like this year and want to participate/work in, and above all... I basically have 0 friends. In all my classes we have seating charts bla bla bla but on top of that none of my, "friends" are in my classes or either I don't know anyone in the room period. The reason I said, "friends"is because I've never had true friends and I feel like I can't fit with then simply because they do completely different things from what I do (if you want an example ask for one I'm not writing all that shit). Anyways getting to the point, the people I knew last year avoid me, straight up! And it pisses me off! I didn't do anything to deserve being treated this way by everyone I meet they either avoid me, make fun of me and underestimate me, or act like they're doing me a favor by just saying hi. Just today in language we were given a group activity. One person in my group only helped a little, and this girl the teacher put in our group refused to help at all. It's ridiculous how theirs always some major issue that I have to deal with alone while everyone around me criticizes me and then I end up here, like some lame bastard that has to hide behind a computer screen to ask for help because in real life no one wants to listen to me because they think my problems are dumb. Anyways I'm going to sleep so PLEASE if you have some advice leave it here. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Also I have a low tolerance today so any asshole comments will get downvoted so dont fuck with me! I've had enough of that already and I just want some peace.


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  • I'm sorry to hear all that. But it is just the beginning, and things are always like that starting out. I'm supposed to be in school, but I've missed a year of it due to chronic pain and health issues. It completely destroyed a part of my life and robbed me from what I wanted to do. I had no choice. At least you can take action and tell them to STOP harassing you. They are insecure and lame and you shouldn't sit back and take it. If it bothers you, say something. Ignoring them only does so much good. But yes, being bombarded by depressing or hate filled thoughts can consume you.. I know that from experience. Have hope and keep your head up. Don't ever take something if you don't like it.


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  • Right, stop self depreciating. Considering the size of your paragraph you might actually be becoming the lame bastard you're describing.
    Next, look over what you've wrote. I just don't see the big problem, other than you being overparanoid and looking for validation from random acquaintances. There is no shame in seeking help from random people online but lots of people don't feel the same way irl.
    You seem to want friends. Figure out how to do so even if you do sit next to unfriendly people, surely SOMEONE in that school likes you.
    Grouo work is bad no matter what, too many lazy people in high school. If someone actually criticized you for it after tho give em what you think they deserve.

    • Wtf? So how is wanting friends seeking validation if you don't have any? Thats what makes people on the internet lame bastards because they have no real friends at all! And how am I supposed to find friends when everyone giggles about the way I look or either just ignores me?

    • Welp, I can't believe absolutely EVERYONE giggles at you, but if that's *almost* the case, try to find someone who doesn't and work upwards from there. Thing is, wanting friends per se doesn't mean attention seeker, but the way you put it does raise a few red flags here and there about the friends you want to make and perhaps even the attitude you show to others in general, i. e. mirroring the contempt you perceive/get from others. What I'd do when confronted woth a goal like yours is reflect on my situation and create a plan of action beforehand, then try to execute it and others like it if at first you don't succeed.
      Srsly relax. It's only day 2.

    • Exactly, I'll try and relax but usually when something goes downhill for me it keeps going downhill

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