Why are people so under educated on marijuana?

I'm taking the "isidewith" test to see my political views and I'm taking it with my mom. The question "do you support the legalization of marijuana?" I choose "yes, and legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana instead of criminalizing it." She choose "no" so I asked her why? It's natural and the states that legalized it has great economy and makes lots of money from taxes on marijuana. She told me "I don't support it, itd not the same as it was in the '60s, they lace it, and add other things to it including thc. You won't be liking it when it gives you brain cancer." Now almost everyone I know who doesn't like marijuana say the same things. They aren't true. Small amounts of it are laced, especially legal from dispensaries. Thc is higher now than it was but that's what makes you feel high, it's a natural chemical and isn't bad for you. Also marijuana has no stats it causes any type of cancer. However, the benefits of it are insane. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, helps ease pain, especially people with cancer from the chemo, may even cure cancer, etc. It has so many benefits and how can you cause something that I can do every night with no side effects, and I have a part time job, as well as go to school a bad thing? It's not a drug, it's a natural plant, embrace it people!


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  • And that's why the government won't legalize pot. Because of the medicinal uses, the pharmaceutical companies will loose millions of dollars because marijuana is a natural medicine which can cost almost nothing to raise especially if grown hydroponically. It's a shame. And ingesting marijuana has better medicinal effects than smoking it. I've got Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia and chronic migraines so when I'm really sick to where I can't handle it anymore I'll smoke some. It stimulates my appetite and even helps with my pain from the Crohn's. I'm on your side lets legalize.

    • Exactly! I hope they legalize it in your state or at least for medicinal purposes (if they haven't already) so you can feel better!

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  • Weed makes people lazy and has negative repercussions on your health case in closed. Grow up and be productive in your life. Your 20s are not the time be smoking weed.. you should be worrying about your education. Usually people grow out of that shit past high school. You can't even properly format a sentence boyo.

    >Stop smoking weed
    >Move out of mommy's house
    >Go to college

    by the way this pro weed hippie talk turns pussies dry so don't expect to be pulling too much.

    • Yes and your "I post shirtless pictures on the internet because I think I'm big when I actually only bench 180" makes pussies so wet boy. You seem to need to get some satisfaction from posting then pictures. Trying to showoff your pussy and muscles only makes you look like a loser:) my education is just perfect don't you worry about that:) solid 90s in my classes, and work a part time job, so your info is false. Only pussies like yourself would say weed makes you tired, lol.

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    • Or how about "were you born with a brain?"

    • @howzit2015 like I said before it can't be insulting if it's true:) you're the problem is America in 2016

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  • You seem very under educated. You must be higher than little wayne that time he got arrested for carrying coke and gunz. Omg you're stupid. Wow. Marijuana has very negative effects on the brain. It's very bad for one's body why do it?

    • Omg wow princess you seem very uneducated:) did I say it has no negative benefits? Did I even say I do it? lol, and it doesn't have negative effects on the brain, unless you already have an underlying condition. The reason it was made illegal in the first place wasn't even because of its "harmful" effects. Please educate YOURSELF before insulting others:) blondie

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    • @howzit2015 I agree with you bro let this loser loose all his money and friends smoking.

    • @howzit2015 pretty much 50/50 if can can read. Oh wait you obviously can't.

  • It's funny to see all the pot heads always trying to do all this massive research and then calling everyone else stupid 😂😂because they didn't find anything that links directly to death and such...

    Why don't you all instead get together and think with the only working brain cell that you guys have left and focus on common sense... Anything that is addicting or abused is bad for you. The end. ✌️

    • Anyway, I'm all for it to being legalized.

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    • You are as pathetic as pathetic can be.

      How many idiots are there out there who can not even afford to buy a home yet have a family living off a minim wage job in ghetto places and still have the money to afford to get high off of this plant? ... If that's not considered ridiculous addiction, then you must seriously be missing braincells from birth. Take a look around it's not what your parents teach you or what you read in books or surveys etc... OPEN your eyes and see for yourself. & that's just some of the problem not even half. Don't be dumb. I feel sorry for kids who are born to pot heads who can[t even afford to take these kids places and live such a life only because they chose this type of life. What a bunch of losers.

    • Minimum wage*

  • I watched a commercial today that said marijuana is addictive like heroin and I couldn't stop laughing. President Nixon's advisor even admitted that the war on drugs was meant to target African Americans, liberals, and hippies. It clearly has not ended. Marijuana is not any worse than alcohol or cigarettes I don't know why it's illegal. I guess they won't legalize it because of all the medical benefits. Big pharma would lose money.

    • Exactly! Thank you! Everyone seems to want to argue about irrelevant things. People are trying to compare marijuana to opiates and other things like that. Yes Marijuana is no worse than tobacco or alcohol (probably way better for you). Thank you for not being ignorant

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    • I understand! Marijuana could easily help with his seizures. I sorry he hasn't deal with that! Hope he's alright

    • He's fine now the medication got them under control. But taking a lot of medication is not good for anyone in the long run.

  • "Undereducated" What the fuck? I've never seen that term before xD I know it's a legit word but I'm used to "uneducated". I support the legalization of pot but jeez... you really didn't help your argument at all with this >_< I would not go far as to say "it may even cure cancer".

    • Well I wouldn't call them "uneducated" since most people are at least some what educated on the hype that "a plant is bad for you." Simply calling people under educated on marijuana, not uneducated:)

  • A lot of drugs are natural and have temporary positive effects but weed is emotionally addictive. It should be legal but it doesn't mean it's a great thing that everyone should do.

    • No such thing as "emotional addictions," lol. I do agree no everyone should do it. If you believe your mind wants you to do something then what about tv? Sugar? Phones? Sex? Etc. Only thing that's an addiction is something that causes physical withdrawal. Not mental, lol

  • People are dumb, they just don't get it man.

  • I think it should be legal but like cigarettes I don't want it anywhere near me nor do I want to have to smell it so I'm kind of in the middle because if it's legal people will feel more free to walk around with it and maybe even try to bring it to family places and I have been enjoying the fact that most places have cracking down on smokers and that it is less socially exceptible then it was.

    • I understand and I do believe in legal states like Colorado you're not allowed to smoke it anywhere at a public place. I think it has to be down in the privacy of the house. Not sure though since I don't live in a legal state so don't quote me:)

  • I'm pro legalization and a fan of the green, but smoking anything can give you cancer and many of the edibles are freaking people out due to their intense over concentration. Also, people shouldn't drive or operate machenery or watch small children while stoned. Too many marijuana advocates go too far in the extreme and lose credibility for the support movement.

    I hope it's legalized, but also that it's not screwed up too much by profit seeking companies like the food industry is. I'm super exited to see it used medicinally, but again big pharma has a bad track record. I'd love to see it sold at farmer's markets by small growers than have all the same big names take over the industry.

    • You're right by saying smoking anything gives you cancer, however it's been proven that marijuana isn't the cause of cancer, it's the smoke. Any smoke has carcinogenic components in it. That's what water pipes, vapes, and edibles are for. Water pipes take most carcinogenic components out of the smoke. The combustion from burning is what makes it carcinogenic, and vapes don't combust, hence eliminating carcinogenic compounds. You're right many people freak out on edibles, that's because they don't know when to stop. You can't just eat and eat edibles. Take your time, you can get higher, you just can't reverse what you've already taken. And it would be awesome for it to be should at farmers markets!

  • Too cheesy for me

    • Sorry I posted this on the wrong question xD

  • Were you on marijuana when you wrote this?

    • We're you born with out a brain?

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    • We're = We are. "We are born without a brain?" Dude is high as fucking kite lol.

    • @Fearless_banana ever heard of auto-correct keyboard warrior?

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  • It is a drug moron 😂 it contains THC. Which in fact is a drug. Lots of drugs come from plants. That be the same thing as saying let's legalize opiods! Its just from a plant!
    Its still addicting and yes it should be legal but heavily controlled.

    • Opiates are legal. I can get opiates legally, they're just heavily controlled. Opiates are heavily controlled because they are A) actually addicting and B) can kill you very easily if you take too much. Marijuana isn't A) addicting or B) able to kill you if you take too much. Marijuana has no physical withdrawal symptoms when you quit taking them. There's no such thing as a psychological addiction. Thanks for your input but you're trying to reach with proving marijuana a drug that needs to be "heavily controlled."

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    • You can easily say that but I highly doubt it. Just like anything actions speak louder than words

    • I've taken breaks from it easily. There's just no point in stopping. I don't want to because I like it. If you classify marijuana is addicting then you can classify anything you do rountinly in your daily life as addicting.

  • Marijuana is not something natural, you'll never know what you're getting each time you get one. Just because I support legalization doesn't mean I think marijuana is any better than other drugs. You can indeed get lung cancer from marijuana, it can affect your brain and your body. And also hurt your social status

    • You know what else comes from nature? Opium

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    • @Thisperson98 I would really love to know what side effects Marijuana has to me. So let's say I buy some pot brownies and eat them, what is gonna do that's bad for my body?

    • OMG that could actually cause u a heart attack

  • Cannabis, like all drugs, has side effects.


    • Never said it didn't, did i?

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    • "Thc is higher now than it was but that's what makes you feel high, it's a natural chemical and isn't bad for you. Also marijuana has no stats it causes any type of cancer... It has so many benefits and how can you cause something that I can do every night with no side effects"

      Seems like you did.

    • Maybe you should also read the WHO website facts about WEED consumption.

  • Marijuana
    1. Causes anxiety
    2. Causes you to lose respect of friends and family
    3. causes work problems
    4. causes memory problems
    5. causes money trouble from all the muchies and weed
    6. causes you to over sleep

    1. Sleep well
    2. sex is better
    3. if you are depressed you are happy
    4. pain management
    5. stress management
    6. spiritual experience
    7. makes a boring life seem fun
    8. might make you more outgoing or more willing to exercise

    I think it should be decriminalized and legalized but keep in mind some people do develop paranoia, trust issues, psychosis and addiction to other drugs. Marijuana is occasionally laced with gasoline when smuggled, coke, x, fertilizer and other random shit it shouldn't, legalization would fix this issue. Legalization would also take the money out of the hands of the criminals

    • I agree with marijuana causing you anxiety and short term memory problems. Now the rest is all up to the person, and that's shy marijuana isn't for everyone, just like a lot of things. If you can't keep marijuana from getting in the way of family, work, or money then you shouldn't do it, alcohol causes all this too and it's horrible for you! Everything is up to the Individual, but just because some people can't deal doesn't mean it should affect the ones who can

  • "It is not a drug, it is a nature plant"
    So everything that comes off of a plant can't be a drug?
    "Also marijuana has no stats it causes any type of cancer. However, the benefits of it are insane."
    Can you provide actual creditable sources?

    • So a plant isn't natural? Last time I checked things that came from the earth are natural. And to the point of providing creditable sources I don't need to. I already know there is no credible research that's been done to prove it either way, so how about the next time you're drinking a soda, you can think about how half the ingredients in there may cause cancer even tho you still drink it:)

    • Where did I ever say a plant is not natural?

    • Sorry, too many replies, trying to keep them all together! I do agree things such as opiates are drugs. Marijuana, though, is a plant:)

  • Wow you're weak! Marijuana should be illegal. That's what myself and my party stand for! As former governor of Florida, we did not let any marijuana get legalized.

  • Drugs are garbage they ruin and destroy people and whole communities. The money that is spent on this garbage goes to fund Both national and international super gangs.

    • But cell phones and tvs are better:)

    • True if you'd like to know about a drug hotspot in Canada look up Lac lac biche, alberta. Lots of cocaine and weed being sold here and easy 12 dealers in a town of 3500 with 10,000 in surrounding areas if you include up to 45 minutes drive cause their is a lot of reserves

  • Addicted people just don't want to know all the bad news about weed.
    They created a number myths about their drug to justify their addiction.
    Just like alcoholics don't want to know all the bad news about booze.

    • Not even true! I admit marijuana has many negative side effects, just none that are serious, you can get worse side effects from too much caffeine, you lightweight!

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    • @_Asker " We know from very clear evidence that tobacco causes cancer. But we are still learning about the effects of cannabis and whether it has the same effects as tobacco.
      Read more at www.cancerresearchuk.org/.../does-smoking-cannabis-cause-cancer