My little ex-crush problem... Any advice?

How do I ask someone to hang out without making it sound like I'm asking them on a date? She used to be my tweenhood crush, and I told her this a few times. I have no more interest in her (though she is still beautiful) and I think she still believes otherwise. She acts uncomfortable around me, and I'm not sure how she feels.

The main reason I've lost interest in her romantically is due to her interest in partying. I don't see anything inherently or intrinsically bad about this, but she has gotten into some bad things (I'm not sure of the extent, but I know she drinks.)

I still would like to keep her as a friend, and we live so close to each other it seems silly not to. I never pass up a potential friend. She is such a nice girl I just hope she sees it as well. Not to stray too far from the point, how do I ask her to hang out without sounding like I want to be more than friends? Anything helps!!!

She just sent me a bunch of drunk Snapchats. What does this mean?


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  • Sometimes you just have to give it some time and prove it to her. If you have another girl that you're crushing on ask her for advice about that. That's honestly the easiest way to let someone know that you're not interested in them. If you don't, then just back away for a little while.

    I was in the same boat as you are in a few times a few years ago. Now one of my ex-crushes and I can just laugh at each other's jokes and call each other by nicknames like friends. And other one... well... I'm not friends with him really because he's moved onto new friends, but we were close for some time.


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  • If you have her #, I'd send her a quick or witty text. Something like, " ______ reminded me of you, how are you?" If she responds, great. Keep it going for a bit then invite her somewhere. Ideally, a group outing where there's no pressure to come or leave. Then gauge it from there.

    But if she doesn't respond, just let it go.


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