Your daily activities?

well i sleep about 8 pm and wake up at 5 am then at 6 am i grab my bike and go out for 1-2 hours, then i get back home and spend the rest of my day playing guitar and watching videos on YouTube, and if any of my friends are up to hang out i would, yup... that's my boring life :|


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  • School, workout, homework, workout, sleep, repeat 😂 you thought urs was boring XD


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  • I have my daily activities and it's not very interesting either.

  • Well that changes a lot depending if I have training or not. Let's say it's a full training day.
    Wake up at 4am, get ready and catch my train by 4:30am.
    Get to school by 6am and hit the gym until 9am.
    Start class and finish up by 3:15pm.
    Catch a bus to rowing and get there at 3:40pm. Train until 6:00pm.
    Get changed, cleanup and catch a bus back to the station, reaching at 7:00pm. Get home by 8:00pm.
    Study until 12am.
    Sleep. Repeat.
    This is another 'regular' day I have but it's not been like that recently due to some cancellation which I'm thankful for. Less training and more time to do overall work.