If one of these things ended up in you being rewarded 250 million euros and a 1/2 a ton of 24k gold bars which would you do?

1. Smoke PCP 2 times a day for a year straight. The PCP will be provided for you for free so you won't have to spend your money that you won.

2. Get sprayed in the face for 25 minutes with concentrated ghost pepper extract with a hose that has the same pressure as a fire hose. You're tied to the wall and you only have one eye covered.

3. Get water boarded with gasoline and kerosene for a week straight.

4. Get thrown into a pit naked with rabid and angry badgers and honey badgers and all you have is a cheap dollar store plastic mop stick to fight back with.

5. Let someone throw a bucket of lye on you naked.

lol crickets !!1
lol shots fired!!


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  • Jesus Christ. Are you some psychopath lurking the internet? Where do you even get all those fucked up ideas? This is kinda sick.

    • How is it sick? Which one/s is/are the sickest to you?

    • All of them. It sounds like you've watched too many splatter movies. Or maybe this is what you normally think about?

  • I'm going with number 4. Those badger would probably kill themselves fighting each other

    • What if they didn't? And why not the other options?

    • I think they would rabid animals tend to attack whats close.
      LYE will eat my skin OFF
      PCP will likely make me go crazy or some other BS
      I'm sure that GHOST PEPPER juice will Blind my one good eye

    • What about #3?