Working with ex, We catch each other looking is there still something?

I have to work with my ex. I do not work for the same company it is just that a student of mine is attwending the camp he runs and I am with that student. it is very hard to go day in and day out with him. There is still feelings from me towards him but I don't know about him. We have been broken up for 3 months but during those months still talked and had sex a few times. The past couple days well lets say week and a half because thats how long I started there, he has been looking at me and we catch each others eyes from time to time. The other counselors caught on and know there was something between us. The past 2 days he has been more vocal to me not sure if its out of that he knows a lot of people know, him wanting to talk more or just bc of my student. He called out my name bc my student wasn't where he was suppose to be and then yesterday he came over and talked to me saying I should thank him for the other day. He doesn't text me during the night after work but it is obvious that he looks at me throught the day and I as well. not sure if he talks to other counselors about us or not. Our breakup kind of was out of nowhwere I think and I want another shot. I might just say how I feel? Is that a bad thing?


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  • I don't think he feels that way, otherwise he would have made a move

    • I still think I might say something to express how I feel. Plus when I asked him to come over a few weeks ago he told me he had a lot going on and was not sure how he was feeling about everything so who knows.

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