Girls, what would you say is the major difference between your feet and your boyfriend's feet?

Or guys, what would you say is the main difference between your feet and your girl's?


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  • His are a jolly sight bigger than mine.

    • Heard that! Mine are like three times bigger than my girl's.
      She put on my flip flops one day, and it was like crazy!

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    • I know you have and I am most grateful indeed, thank you. :)

    • Thank you very much for the MHO.

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  • I take very good care of my feet so my toe nails are always painted and I always scrub them in every shower. While I'm not seeing anyone now, men that I have dated in the past have always had feet that were not very well taken care of. Not to say they were ugly, just unkempt.

    • In general men are ugly an unkempt?

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    • Men who shave, wax their body hair?
      Or men who are very hairy even on torso and still don't give a fuck... which is your type?

    • @Youusername I am attracted to men with hair and with no hair. My type is a darker skinned man. I tend to be more attracted to a man with dark features, in general. A lot of the time that comes with a little extra hair, too. But again, I like all men. Hairy, bald, white, black, fat, thin, I just love men!

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