First time mother?

i am asking this question to get some insight into what labor will be like and if it is as painful as everyone says it is plus what will it feel like when my baby's head starts crowning as my mom says it will be like a burning sensation i just really want to know everything about what it will be like but on a side note i am debating if i should have my boyfriend in the room or not as i really do not feel i want him seeing down there if u know what i mean as it is all happening

so i ask how was labor for you girls and any advice on my boyfriend

thanks for any answers


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  • my wife says it just feels like tons of pressure. the worst pain is usually right before the baby starts exciting the vagina, so like after crowning. i think you should want your partner in the room for support, he doesn't have to "see whats down there" he could simply stand by you and hold your hand... but that is of course up to you

    if you are going to try natural childbirth (and i always think a woman should at least try) work now on meditative practices that help sort of dissociate your mind from the pain.

    it's going to hurt. for some the pain is far worse than others. my wife wanted natural child birth but after 13 hours of labor our midwife said she needed to go to a hospital and use the meds... so don't be overly disappointed if you are unable to do it naturally but be confident that you can (in my wife's case for some reason the baby just wasn't dropping)

    good luck!!


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  • They'll give you meds. You'll be fine. My cousin just gave birth to her first child. It literally took her 15 minutes.

    • really as i want to try for a natural birth if i can but i am not good with pain lol

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