Buying a used car?

I am very frustrated with my search for a car. I can't spend more than $6000 on a car. I'm 17 so it's not like I can just go buying anything. I know I will have to buy soemthing used with, most likley, a lot of mileage. However, I would like the car to be safe and reliable. I am hesitant to buy from a private seller but dealerships tend to be expensive. any tips for a newbie like me?


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  • For $6,000, you should be able to get something decent with moderate miles. I now only buy from private individuals. I bought my last one (2010 Crown Victoria) off Cragslist for $7,000 and it only had 68,000 miles on it.

    Figure out what brands and models you like, then use one of the car valuation sites like to determine the average selling value of various model years, because it varies by area. When you go look at a car, see if you can take a mechanic or someone who knows a lot about cars with you to evaluate it.


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  • I don't care for carmax but in your case it 's probably your safest bet.
    They inspect all of their cars, guarantee them for 30 days (?) or you can return it in 5 days.
    Look at their website to see what's available in your area for 6K.


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